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Our mission is to empower families by sparking “Lightbulb” moments with innovative online education. Our dedicated portal of education professionals aims to transform learning experiences, shaping a brighter future for all. Drawing from decades of combined experience and expertise, we foster “light-bulb moments” in students’ minds. Discover our safe, loving, and professional approach to delivering quality education for you.

Our services

Private tutoring

We offer one-to-one tutoring services that will help students master topics over time and gain a love for learning.

Group tutoring

For multiple students who are all studying some the same topic. Great for siblings and friends in the same grade.

Topic tutoring

Great one-off option for students who are preparing for a test or simply need a little help on a single topic.

Our teaching style

Connect the dots

We start by creating connections. First and foremost, we build relationship with our student's and their families. Then, as we teach, we form "links" between current knowledge and new information.


We create strategies and plans to help guide our students to where they want to be in their scope of knowledge, and grades.


Finally, once we have arrived, we celebrate the coveted "light-bulb" moment together!

Our Staff

Julie Causey
Julie Causey

Julie A. Causey

Executive Director, Founder

Julie A. Causey has been a passionate tutor for over 17 years with experience tutoring for nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Many of her ‘lightbulb moments’ as a tutor have taken place at the Boys & Girls Club of Fort Wayne, IN and as a private tutor in Mobile, AL. Ms. Causey’s years of experience include working as an expert specialist with a focus on K-12 math, English and reading, and documented success with students that exhibit behavioral challenges and medical diagnoses including autism, fetal alcohol syndrome, and defiant behavior disorder. Causey served as a youth specialist for the Youth Enrichment Strategies and Services program where she implemented strategies to assist students with challenging learning curves, thus helping them to achieve academic success in the school setting.

Derek Porter

Derek Porter

Director of Tutor Development, Co-founder
The hallmark of Derek S. Porter’s career has been empowering students to become responsible global citizens. In his current position as a social studies teacher at St. Christopher’s School in Richmond, Virginia, he has created a novel course designed to critically engage the world at a middle school level.

“I am an instructional leader. St. Christopher’s School in Richmond, VA hired me in 2013 to build a global studies curriculum from scratch. I gathered the background research necessary to develop and soundly implement this class with best practices. Today, the course is relevant and rigorous, receiving regular parent commendations and press releases”

Janice Porter
Janice Porter

Dr. Janice M. Porter

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Co-founder
Dr. Janice M. Porter has served various roles over the span of 30 years as an education professional. Her career includes expertise in traditional and non-traditional educational settings as a science teacher, curriculum specialist, associate principal, principal, and dean of students. Dr. Porter served as director of the first charter school in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Cedar-Riverside Community School, as well as co-founder of Friendship Academy of the Arts, a
National Blue Ribbon Charter School in Minnesota.


The highlight of my internship under her tutelage was putting “students first.” This philosophy of hers, explains the success she continues to record in improving student learning and closing the achievement gap. She is committed to the students’ educational success!

Dr. Olatoye
Innovation Science and Technology Academy

Hello Dr. Porter. Just wanted to say thank you again.  My daughter is officially a senior now and passed Algebra with an A!.  Praise God!!  Please express my gratitude to the tutors.  We are so thankful.  Please inform me when you get things straightened out in case I need you again.

Yvette Henderson
Under the guidance of Dr. Porter, we learned the transformative power of compassion, access, and authentic partnership in education. Janice taught me what equity really means. She taught me, way back before it was infused in educational literature, the importance of high expectations, community partnerships, and trusting relationships.
Dr. Chris Belmont
Principal of Student Support and Family Engagement
As the instructional leader for her school, she ensured teachers were continually reviewing instructional strategies that supported student learning. She developed a culture of collaborative inquiry within the school where teachers worked together to implement new instructional strategies that improved student learning.
Dr. Bill Berden
Administrator Burnsville | Eagan | Savage ISD191
Derek taught me how to put more of the work of discovery and learning on the shoulders of my students and to take less of a role in transmitting content directly. Derek helped me see that my American history class would be more meaningful for the students when I put them in charge of their learning.
Mr. Clifford Dickinson
History teacher | St. Christopher’s School
Her philosophy of educating students and working with dedicated teachers could be witnessed at the graduation ceremonies where students who once did not know if they could achieve successful ending of high school saw that maintaining good grades and being in classes on a daily basis affords the access to unlimited possibilities.
Judy Henderson
Program Coordinator | D.E.L.O.R.E.S. W.O.R.K.S., Inc.

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